All Of Sharpstown Mall's Problems To Be Solved With Name Change

You know what's been holding the Sharpstown Mall back? Its name.

Which actually is "Sharpstown Center," but no one we know calls it that. The almost-50-year-old mall has long hit hard times, with people convinced it's not safe, or has any shops worth visiting.

That will all change soon, when its owners finish re-branding it as PlazAmericas.

Now, PlazAmericas might seem an utterly silly name for a shopping mall, but you should have seen the alternatives:

  • Gulfton Galleria
  • SharpsTakeYourChances Mall
  • (Before they told their consultants to dial it back a bit on the strange capitalization shit) ShArpStoWmaLl
  • PlazCentralAmericas
  • Shitstown Mall (Alternative: Shitstown Center)

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