All-Star Game

Well, the Astros can forget about having home field advantage for the World Series this season. What’s that you say, you thought that the Astros had already forgotten about that? Well, the Astros can definitely forget about it now as that the American League won the All-Star Game by a 5-4 score.

This is the 10th time in 11 seasons that the American League has won the All-Star Game. And, as we all know, the league that wins the All-Star Game gets home field for the World Series.

(Note, the only recent time that the American League has not won the All-Star Game was in 2002 when the game ended in a tie.)

The only major thing to happen in the game – besides the AL victory – was that Seattle’s Ichiro Suzuki hit an inside-the-park home run. And that was the first inside-the-park home run in the history of the All-Star Game.

I’m continuing on my All-Star Game break, so I will send another post later in the week. -- John Royal

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