Alleged Aggie Assaulter Allegedly Assaults Again

Texas A&M might have some explaining to do.

Eddie Helle, a cadet involved in a fight we wrote about in "Rotten to the Corps," was arrested on Saturday for allegedly beating up another student at a tailgate party – on university property – before the Aggie football game. Helle, who left the Corps in May of this year, still attends the university.

The assault charge is his second in as many weeks since he was indicted two weeks ago for the earlier fight. His attorney could not be reached for comment.

According to Bert Kretzschmar, assistant chief with the A&M police department, the victim was injured on Saturday but wasn't transported to a hospital. The severity of the injuries was not released.

After the first assault, the student disciplinary board recommended that Helle be kicked out of the Corps and suspended from classes for one semester. The board also said he had to make an effort to repay the victim's medical bills before returning to school. None of that happened because the sanctions were dismissed by the university for unknown reasons.

Texas A&M never offered an explanation to that student or his family, but if the victim in Saturday's fight was hurt badly, another family might want to know what happened.

-- Paul Knight

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.