Allen Stanford Breaks A Congressman's Heart

​Oh, Allen Stanford, Houston's biggest scammer since Ken Lay, dost the blackness of thine soul know no bottom?

It was one thing to fool investors, but now you have broken the heart of a Texas congressman.

The McClatchy chain's Washington, DC bureau has been examining Stanford's ties to members of Congress, and came across comedy gold in an e-mail sent to the financier hours after he was charged by the SEC.

The e-mail came from Pete Sessions, Republican from the Dallas `burbs.

It read: "I love you and believe in you...If you want my ear/voice -- e-mail." Not since Harris County DA Chuck Rosenthal has there been a more vomit-inducing use of the ear in a romantic e-mail. If Sessions knew how to do emoticons, we're sure the message would have been twice as long.

Sessions' office has now, finally, issued a statement on the matter.  

It doesn't address the question of how Sessions' office earlier had told reporters after Stanford's indictment that he didn't know the man.

But it does answer, once and for all, the matter of whether Sessions is a giving, loving man.

From the government that knighted him to Barack Obama and John McCain, Allen Stanford had everyone fooled, and as Mr. Stanford's scheme has become clear Congressman Sessions has worked to ensure that the investors Mr. Stanford swindled receive the justice they deserve - including signing a letter to the SEC requesting SIPC coverage for the victims.

While the referenced email cannot be authenticated, Congressman Sessions believes that its contents resemble language he would use to communicate with a person in crisis to encourage right decisions and prevent further tragedy.

With that being said, the Congressman maintains the position that Mr. Stanford should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The "contents resemble language he would use to communicate with a person in crisis."

And then to learn that the person he's communicating with has fooled a whole slew of suitors? Such heartbreak.

Pete, if you need an ear/voice, e-mail. 

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