Allen Stanford's new lawyer

Allen Stanford: Now Officially Broke, Gets Good Attorneys

Allen Stanford, the much-put-upon onetime gazillionaire, has finally reached the end of his assembly line of attorneys representing him against massive criminal-fraud charges.

Stanford had been going through the higher echelons of the Houston criminal defense bar for some time, eventually working his way down to lesser-known attorneys. None stayed long.

That was fine as long as he was paying the bill, but as U.S. District Judge David Hittner told him today, indigent defendants don't get their choice of attorneys.

On the plus side for Stanford, the attorneys Hittner picked for him are not bad.

Robert Scardino and Ali Fazel will take on Stanford's defense.

Local attorney Mark Bennett, of the widely read Defending People blog, approves.

"Bring in the Real Lawyers," he writes, ripping a new one into the last bunch of lawyers Stanford was hoping to have represent him.

"If Stanford wanted competent, experienced, ethical representation, he made out like a bandit today," Bennett says. "If, however, he wanted conflicted counsel of questionable competence, Stanford was this morning's big loser."

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