Alley Theatre's Corin Redgrave -- Yes, Of Those Redgraves -- Dies At 70

Corin Redgrave, who has been a part of Alley Theatre for years, died today at the age of 70, the Alley announced.

He was the son of Sir Michael Redgrave and the brother of Vanessa and Lynn Redgrave

Alley chief Gregory Boyd said of Redgrave:

Corin Redgrave was one of the great theatre-artists -- a superb actor and director and an inspiring figure to everyone at the Alley. Our collaborations with Corin stretched from Shakespeare to Wilde to Tennessee Williams to contemporary plays and he always found the current truth and an exciting theatricality in everything we worked on.

His performances at the Alley in Not About Nightingales, as Julius Caesar and as Benedict Arnold in The General from America by Richard Nelson were among the most brilliant I have witnessed -- and his careful process in rehearsal, his insights into character and human nature and history, his contextualizing of every moment in a play was thrilling.

As an Associate Artist with the Alley, he was passionately eager to share his long experience towards the questions of Ensemble, Company and the mission and purpose of the Theatre. I shall always be grateful for his comradeship and counsel. We had been talking in recent weeks of his return here in a new work based on the life and writings of Oscar Wilde. He sounded excited to be working again after his recent illnesses and very happy to be contemplating coming back to Houston. We shall all miss him very much.

Other members of the Alley echoed Boyd. James Black said he was "a man whose exceptional talent was only surpassed by his humanity. A very dear man whom I shall miss tremendously."

And Jeffrey Bean said "Corin was among the most gracious people I have ever worked with. We continued our friendship long past our working together on the Roman Plays. I am deeply saddened by his passing."

Redgrave was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 200 and had a heart attack in 2005.

He is survived by his wife Kika Markham, sons Luke, Harvey and Arden and a daughter, actress Jemma Redgrave.

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