Almost 250 Arrested In That Memorial Day DWI Crackdown

The final count is in from the Harris County Memorial Day Weekend Catch-A-Drunk-Driver crackdown: 247 nabbed, 51of those people on their second or third offense.

The DAs office set up mobile blood-alcohol testing labs ("BATmobiles"), staffed with nurses and judges who could issue immediate warrants for anyone refusing to take a Breathalyzer.

Prosecutor Brent Mayr was happy with the results:

Brent Mayr, head of the District Attorney's Vehicular Crimes Section, reported that the No Refusal units obtained 51 search warrants to require tests for suspects, including 15 with prior DWI convictions.

He said overall statistics show that about half of the drivers typically decline voluntary DWI tests. During the No Refusal deployment, that refusal rate dropped to about one in every four motorists.

"This is a prime example of how effective these programs are," Mayr said. "It shows that people are getting the message that they can't avoid charges by refusing the tests."

The well-publicized drunk-boating crackdown resulted in one arrest at Lake Houston, the DAs office said.

As usual, there was a soupcon of other charges thrown in during arrests of the DWI suspects, including one for intoxication assault, one for intoxication assault of a police officer, and one for intoxication manslaughter.

"Intoxication assault of a police officer"? No doubt yet another example of how the world's stupidest actions are usually proceeded by someone saying "Hey, hold my beer a second...."

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Richard Connelly
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