"Almost Homeless" Montrose Man Is Spotless Impressionist of King of the Hill Characters and the Crocodile Hunter

The Friday before Thanksgiving, local filmmaker Mike James was shooting the final scenes of his romance/psychodrama Web series Love, Why Don't You Stay when filming was interrupted by "Timothy," who is also known as R.E.D.D., which means Real Every Damn Day.

As you can see in the video below, there are lots of guys who look like Timothy in Darkest Montrose, especially near Covenant House and the Valero on the corner of Westheimer and Montrose, a.k.a. "the vortex of despair."

Anyway, "almost homeless" Timothy decided to spontaneously audition for this and any other productions James might be working on. Timothy's talent is impressionism and voice-acting, and it is truly formidable, as amazing in its own right as Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden radio voice.

After the jump, watch as Timothy nails the Crocodile Hunter, Hank Hill, and gets extremely meta by impersonating Dale Gribble impersonating Bobby Hill...

Sadly, James says that Timothy never came back around to drop off his reel. Indeed, James has not seen him since.

"Actually, I'd never seen him before that, but he says he's seen me," James laughs. Amy Rene Horch LaFevers, the blond woman with James in this video and a star of Love, Why Don't You Stay, wrote on Facebook that Timothy / R.E.D.D. also claims to speak nine different languages."

Below is the very stylish sizzle reel for Love, Why Don't You Stay.

James also proudly notes that another of his films, When Jesus Meets Mary, is currently under consideration at Sundance in three categories: Best Narrative Short, Best Gay and Lesbian @ Best Art and Experimental.

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