Amanda Nabers, 25, Accused of Sexing Up 13-Year-Old While Leaving Own Kids Unattended

A 25-year-old San Antonio woman is behind bars because police say she left her kids to fend for themselves while she had several sexual trysts with a 13-year-old neighbor boy.

According to an arrest affidavit reported in the San Antonio Express-News, Amanda Ann Nabers confessed to getting way too neighborly with the boy four or five times beginning in February.

She also reportedly told police that prior to the first sexual episode, she popped Xanax, smoked weed and knocked back a few cans of Four Loko.

Nabers has denied that her two kids were ever in danger, and while she has not been charged with child endangerment, Child Protective Services has removed her kids from her care. (CPS initially brought the case to the San Antonio police.)

Nabers is charged with aggravated assault of a child, and her bond has been set at $50,000. A Texas drivers license database shows only one Amanda Ann Nabers in the state, a 25-year-old from San Antonio. Facebook has a page for a woman with that name, aged 25, from San Antonio. Efforts to reach her were unsuccessful.

On her Facebook page, Nabers set her relationship status to "It's complicated." Boy howdy.

And let's hope she heeded the words of her own New Year's Eve status update:

"hey i hope everyone has a gr8t New Year like me lol Be safe anD dont forget to use a condom lmao!!!!!"

Cue the "I'd hit that" comments now...

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