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Amanda Williams: SHE'S A COP, Dude Who Texted Her For Weed Date

Hooking up with old friends is easier than ever these days, but it's not risk-free.

For instance, before you ask some girl you used to know whether she'd like to get together to enjoy some weed, you might preface your offer by asking first if she's a cop.

One San Angelo man did not follow this sensible policy, and now faces marijuana possession charges.

He got in touch with Amanda Williams, a woman he hadn't seen in years, and after some initial back and forth texted "So do you smoke weed?" The question that should have been asked was "So, are you a reserve deputy officer with the Early (Texas) police department?"

Because on the great decision tree of life, if the latter question results in a "yes," you do not go ahead with the former question.

Williams is apparently eager to get ahead in the Early PD, so instead of just saying "no," she called superiors.

When the dude showed up at a park, ready to share, he was greeted by Early police and state troopers, the AP reports, because he may have been one of those ultra-violent texting weed-smokers.

Early, by the way, is about 120 miles southwest of Fort Worth, a/k/a in the middle of freaking nowhere.

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