Amber Lynn Garcia: A Glamour Girl's Summertime Alleged Mugging Spree

For the second time since July, a Hempstead Highway exotic dancer is facing felony aggravated robbery charges.

According to a complaint filed September 20, 24-year-old Amber Lynn Garcia menaced a woman with a tire tool on September 4 and took an untold amount of valuables from her.

Garcia, who reportedly dances at Glamour Girls cabaret, is alleged to have committed a more devilishly complex and devious robbery on July 20.

In that case, a man reported that he had "developed a relationship" with Garcia, one that had yet to proceed much beyond face-to-face flirting and texts. One night, after her shift was over, he drove her to her Spring Branch apartment complex. While he was waiting in the parking lot, his triumph turned to tragedy: He was allegedly jumped by two men of Garcia's acquaintance, one of whom reportedly pointed a rifle at him through the driver's side window, demanded his cash and watch, and ordered him to take off his pants.

Perhaps the victim was slow to comply, because he reported that the other man clocked him in the head with a monkey wrench and punched him in the mouth. The victim then complied, and then, according to police, watched as Garcia and the alleged bandits hopped in a black truck with his money, his watch (and, likely, his pride) and sped off into the sticky July night.

The victim later picked Garcia out of a photo array -- maybe her distinctive face-tats helped in that endeavor, not to mention the fact that the victim knew where she worked.

Garcia made her $30,000 bond in the July case, but this time around, she is being held without bail.

Sigh. Moms and dads: These are the perils of naming your daughter after a legendary porn star.

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