Amy Blonn: HISD Teacher to Freeze Her Butt Off Near North Pole

A Houston schoolteacher has been selected as one of six across the country to be sent to the Arctic as part of a National Geographic program, HISD announced today.

Amy Blonn teaches fifth graders at the district's Outdoor Education Center in Trinity along Lake Livingston, where hundreds of students go each week to learn about life beyond video games.

Blonn will be headed to an archipelago that represents the northernmost part of Norway, about 600 miles from the North Pole.

"HISD is extremely proud of this great recognition that Ms. Blonn has received," said Lupita Hinojosa, Assistant Superintendent for School Choice. "This opportunity will not only enhance Ms. Blonn's professional growth, but most importantly, it will positively impact the instruction that our fifth grade students receive."

"This program recognizes outstanding teachers who are dedicated to improving geographic literacy in our classrooms and encouraging children to become responsible caretakers of our planet," said program founder Sven-Olof Lindblad. "We are delighted that these outstanding educators, who are so strongly committed to hands-on geographic education, will journey to Arctic Svalbard with us."

Blonn leaves in June, so maybe the weather won't be so bad.

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Richard Connelly
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