An Unabridged Timeline of Houston's Relationship With Brock Osweiler

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All good things must come to an end. Even if they were never really that good in the first place.

The Texans unceremoniously benched quarterback Brock Osweiler after his second interception last week against the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars. After 15 weeks of a healthy mix of denial and wishful thinking, the Texans finally acknowledged that the Osweiler era may be over before it ever really starts.

Tom Savage will get the start next week against the Bengals. But for old time's sake, here's a recap of Osweiler's time in Houston, and his relationship with the city that hoped he'd be a franchise quarterback.

Date: March 10
Headline: Houston signs Osweiler, and we hope he's The One
What Houstonians thought at the time: Finally, a potential franchise quarterback! $72 million ($37 million guaranteed) seems like a ton of money, but we're sure it will be worth it. It does seem kind of odd, though, that the Broncos, who just won the Super Bowl, didn't try harder to keep him...

Date: August 9
Headline: Why Is John Elway Still Obsessed With Brock Osweiler?
What Houstonians thought at the time: John Elway is a sore loser! And what does a Hall of Famer with three Super Bowl rings know about quarterbacking? The Broncos should have signed Osweiler when they had the chance.

Date: September 18
Headline: Watt is dominating so everything is right in the universe
What Houstonians were thinking at the time: Sure, Osweiler looks a little lost out there, and we're in the worst division of the NFL, but hey, we're 3-0! Nothing to see here...

Date: September 22
Headline: The Patriots whupped us again, but at least we didn't wear letterman jackets this time
What Houstonians were thinking at the time: One loss, shake it off. The Pats are good. Osweiler's 1 INT and zero touchdowns? Just a bad night.
Date: October 16
Headline: Osweiler leads Texans to comeback win over rival Colts
What Houstonians were thinking at the time: Sure, Osweiler stunk up the joint for most of the game. But those last 15 minutes were the Brock we need!

Date: December 4
Headline: Osweiler, lost in a Wisconsin snowstorm, leads Texans to third straight loss
What Houstonians were thinking at the time: All right, this is getting old. Osweiler should have learned the offense by now. And why can't he get DeAndre Hopkins the ball? We're starting to doubt the Texans are "going to start exploding as an offense" as Brock insists after literally every game.

Date: December 18
Headline: Yeah, let's get that other guy, what's his name, in there
What Houstonians thought at the time: Wow, we're losing 13-0, at home, to one of the worst teams in the league, and Osweiler has already thrown two interceptions. Bill O'Brien, it's time to pull the plug! (Two hours later). Hey, this Savage guy doesn't seem so bad...he's just been sitting there, on our bench, this whole time!?

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