Andre Johnson Vs. Cortland Finnegan: Five Reasons NFL Fights Stink (w/Video)

This weekend's brawl between Andre Johnson and the Tennessee Titans' Cortland Finnegan was an NFL rarity: A fight that actually resembled a fight.

Punches thrown to actual exposed faces, chins, noses and eyes. And it went on for a little bit.

Nothing touches the NHL in this regard, of course, but even baseball brawls tend to be more active than the NFL. Maybe it's because every other moment of an NFL game is so much more violent than the other sports leagues.

Five reasons NFL fights suck:

5. They have helmets Here Jerome Shockey of the Saints takes on the Texans. For 2.3 seconds.

4. Everyone just grabs and holds on for dear life It's the NFL. They're used to holding.

3. They get talked out of it too easily Look at this ref: it's taking so little effort to keep these two guys from going at it that he's reaching for the flag at the same time.

2. There's 20 other big guys on the field breaking it up Result: A whole lot of chest-bumping and pushing. Like a third-grade playground.

1. Because your sucker-punch won't always guarantee the other guy's helmet will come off first And then you're in a fight with an exposed face, trying to punch a guy with a crash helmet on.

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