Andres Martinez, multi-tasker.
Andres Martinez, multi-tasker.
Photo from KHOU

Andres Martinez: Driving While Rolling Joint, Almost Hits Cop, Cops Say

You're leading police on a low-speed chase and notice they've laid a spike strip across the road ahead, so you swerve around it.

Unfortunately, you almost hit a cop, making him jump for his life.

Bad driving? No -- amazing multi-tasking, if what KHOU reports is true. Andres Martinez told cops "he wasn't attempting to hit the officer, he was rolling a joint and trying to call his 'peeps' to tell them he was going to jail," the station reports.

Now that's a dude with a lot on his plate, and who can blame him if his spike-strip-avoidance skills suffered somewhat?

The court documents connected to the arrest do not mention his reported explanation, they simply charge Martinez, 24, with evading arrest and attempted intoxication assault.

The chase occurred early Sunday morning on the Gulf Freeway.

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