Andy P: Back to the Big City

Andy, we hardly knew ye...

Multiple media sources have Astros pitcher Andy Pettitte signing a one-year, $16 million deal with the New York Yankees.

Pettitte came to the Astros three years ago amidst much hoopla about how he just wanted to play in the ol' home town. A Q&A with the Houston Chronicle when he signed included this. -- Richard Connelly

Q: Besides being close to your family, what's the best thing about playing for the Astros? A: The most important thing that I looked at as far as coming here and playing with the Astros is I thought they had a good team. That was the most important thing to me. Another very important thing to me on a personal side was that I'm going to be able to go to my own church here and my kids will be in school year round. Those are things that are very important to me.

So either a) the Astros are no longer a "good team," or b) Pettitte's church has started sucking. Maybe they let in one of them thar gay people, or something.

What this means for next year's Astro location is tough to tell. We still have the Roger Clemens soap opera to endure, now with the added Sleepless in Seattle angle of whether Roger will follow his heart across country to be with Andy. (Isn't that the plot of Sleepless in Seattle? As the owner of a penis, I've never seen it.)

There's still some hyped Japanese pitcher out there, and maybe the Jon Garland trade can be revived. But for right now the Astros pitching rotation consists of Roy Oswalt and a whole lot of crossed fingers. -- Rich Connelly

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