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Andy Pettitte and HGH: Pity Jerome Solomon

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Aw, Jerome, did Andy lie to you? I’m sure he’s sorry about that. But if it’s you or Congress, I’m sure any sane person would agree that lying to you is the better thing.

For any of you wondering what the hell I’m talking about, it’s simple: Jerome Solomon wrote a column yesterday trashing Andy Pettitte, calling him a liar, wanting to know why people consider him to be a hero. Solomon also thinks Rocket is getting a bum deal. And while I don’t know what Solomon said on his radio show yesterday, I do know that somehow he found the time to appear on ESPN News to further opine that Andy Pettitte didn’t do the right thing in telling the truth to Congress and that Pettitte should’ve gone to greater lengths to protect Rocket.

Yes, you read that right. Solomon’s pissed at Pettitte for not telling the truth to the press about his HGH use, yet he wanted Pettitte to lie to Congress, while under oath, to protect Roger Clemens.

Did the guys who work for the Chron sports department fail to ever take any classes on logic at any point in their education? Do any of them even understand the meaning of the word logic?

There’s a difference between talking to the media and talking to Congress. A huge difference. It’s called testifying under oath. And while it’s a good idea to tell the truth at all times, it’s not a requirement when it comes to the press. There’s no penalty for it. Otherwise Drayton McLane would have been sent to jail a long time ago. There is a penalty to lying under oath to Congress. A penalty that can involve going to jail.

So trust me on this. While you might not be too sure that it was a good idea for Pettitte to tell the truth about Rocket to Congress, I am sure. It was the right thing. If a guy who has the power to see about you going to jail asks whether Roger Clemens took HGH, and you know that the answer is yes, then you have the obligation to tell the truth.

I’ll also say this: if Pettitte did try to massage the truth about Clemens when talking to Congress, and if Congress were to find out that he was massaging the truth, that might be even worse than lying to Congress because you could also be talking about obstructing an investigation to go with the lying. So while you, Jerome, might not be happy with Pettitte for ratting out Clemens, perhaps you should be more angry at Rocket for putting Pettitte in a situation where Pettitte had to rat out Clemens.

And I really want to know what Jerome would do if he were faced with a Pettitte situation: Would he tell the truth while under oath, or would he massage the truth knowing that he’s facing a possible jail sentence? -- John Royal

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