"Hey Fred, you've got something on your nose — let me get that for you."
"Hey Fred, you've got something on your nose — let me get that for you."

Animal Shelters Need Your Help!

Sure, it rained hard and heavy here last week — but it's also been raining cats and dogs at local animal shelters (HEY-OH!). Spring and summer months always hit shelters hard, with more homeless animals pushing facilities past capacity.

"We have so many friendly, [lovable] pets just waiting for a chance to go to a new home," the Harris County Animal Shelter has announced, offering these awesome critters at half-price through June 30. All pets are vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and come with their own collar and tags, leash, or carry-out box. 

If for some reason you can't adopt right now, you can still help by fostering, or volunteering to help with shelter or mobile adoptions, dog-walking or dog-training. For more information, email vphvolunteer@hcphes.org or call 281.999.3191.

Meanwhile, BARC is undergoing The Invasion of the Kitties. The shelter's foster and rescue coordinator, Mauricio Zepeda, emailed a plea May 31 for help with cat adoption/fostering — the facility has "over 300 cats and our cat isolation room is full." On Tuesday, Zepeda followed up by writing "We took in 48 more cats/kittens today and are still over capacity." 

Again, if you can't adopt, please ask BARC about fostering opportunities. We've only scratched the surface of summer, and things ain't going to get any easier for the animals (and staff) at these shelters, so if you've ever considered adding a hairy family member to your household, there's no better time. 

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