Ann Curry, WTF Is Up, Girl?

Ann Curry drives me batshit crazy. Apparently, I'm not the only one. Google "Ann Curry annoying" or "Ann Curry awkward" and you'll be struck by the number of hits you get about how Today's news reader strikes fear and frustration in the hearts of hundreds...maybe thousands. Hopefully millions.

I can't quite place exactly what it is about her that makes me nuts. If she were interviewing city councilmembers for KPRC, I'd say she was doing a fine job. But I'm sorry, I expect a little more from national news people. Do you think Dominique Sachse would have ever stopped tiny Bindi Irwin, daughter of deceased Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, from mentioning her dead dad in an interview? (See this, about 2 minutes in). Would Lucy Noland have ever found it necessary to say "Good morning" three times in three seconds? Would Gina Gaston have trouble finding Illinois on a map?  

I don't think so.

In addition to her general stupidity and the plethora of awkward pauses and odd faces that crop up whenever she conducts interviews, Curry fails grandly as she attempts "witty banter" with Matt, Meredith, and Al, often cutting people off or offering up strange segues that make no sense, leaving her morning crew pals scrambling to respond logically to whatever she's babbling about. Seriously, who wants to bet Roker's ready to kick her ass in the green room after three hours of that shit?

As always, there's no real point to any of my rambling. I only wish to say that Ann Curry is a scary contradiction of the American Dream. Apparently, in television land, if you are bright, hard-working, and talented, you'll rise to the level of weather girl for a third-ranked station in Poughkeepsie. But if you're dull and lack real skills, you get to be Ann Curry.

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Jennifer Mathieu
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