Anna Mayo: Another KBR Employee Who Says She Was Raped In Iraq

A Cedar Park woman has filed suit in federal court in Houston against Halliburton and KBR, alleging she was brutally raped while working for the company in Iraq last November.

Mayo, 27, says she was raped by a KBR employee who is not named in the suit.

The Army confirmed to ABC News that a rape investigation was conducted at the time Mayo mentions, but offered little further.

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Mayo's suit mentions former KBR employee Jamie Leigh Jones, who has fought a high-rpofile battle with the company over her own allegations of rape.

"Like the attacks before hers, Anna's attack never would have occurred but for the complacent 'boys will be boys' toleration of sexual abuses that continue to permeate the environment that KBR and its the-owner, Halliburton, first created then failed to warn Anna about," says the suit.

The suit's very graphic description of the alleged rape after the jump. (Skip it if you think the details may be too much.)

The suit says "the Rapist" had visited Mayo's room on a ruse earlier in the day.

On November 30, 2009, without further warning, and while Anna was sleeping, the Rapist returned, broke into her room and proceeded to beat her.

The door remained open as the Rapist attacked Anna, grabbing and ripping at her face. Anna tried to make it out of the open door, but the Rapist slammed it shut before she could escape. Anna fought with her attacker, which only caused him to fight harder. She tried to bite his hands through his dirty work gloves, which only caused him to bite her in return. She felt as though he was trying to rip her eyelids out of their sockets and twist her lips off her face. Eventually, the Rapist placed a a rope around Anna's neck and tightened it until she lost consciousness. She thought she was dying.

When Anna awoke, she realized she was face-down in her bed being raped by the man from behind. When he finished, the Rapist walked into the bathroom, and Anna tried to crawl away. The Rapist caught her and beat her again. This time, he tied her hands behind her back with the rope. Anna begged for her life -- begged him "just be my friend!" The Rapist then placed a clothing item over Anna's face and neck and strangled her again.

A picture of her injured face is included.

We've asked KBR for a response and will post it if we hear from them.

Update: KBR's Heayher Browne responds:

The safety and security of all employees remains KBR's top priority. KBR takes these allegations very seriously and a thorough investigation is underway.

KBR maintains strong and effective sexual harassment prevention and reporting programs which include multiple trainings, communications, reporting mechanisms, and investigation procedures.

At this time, it is not appropriate to discuss the specifics of Ms. Mayo's allegations because of the pending criminal investigation. It is important to note that the alleged assailant was not a KBR employee.

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