Anne Lynn Montgomery: Teacher Had Two Children With Student

It's bad enough to be a teacher having an affair with a student. It's worse when you have two babies via the affair.

But for Anne Lynn Montgomery, the coup de grace is that no one in law enforcement would have known about it all -- until she went to court and filed papers seeking a protective order against the kid. The papers detailed the relationship, which of course broke Texas laws against teacher-student sex.

KTRK and the Houston Chronicle say Montgomery, 35, is on the run and being sought by police.

Court documents say she was a dance instructor at Sharpstown High when she met a 16-year-old student in 2006 and began the affair.

The two then moved on to Bellaire High and continued doing the nasty.

She had babies fathered by the student, one in May 2008 and the other in August 2009. Montgomery is no longer employed by HISD.

She filed for a protective order in April, sparking the investigation. According to KTRK, she has made claims she was raped by the student.

She's been charged with the felonies of sexual assault of a child under the age of 17 and improper relationship.

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