Annise Parker Is The Queen Of The Roller Derby

Mayor Annise Parker visited the Roller Derby Saturday and blew the first whistle.

She stayed for both matches, watching the HRD Knockouts vs. Assassination City (Dallas, of course) and the Houston Roller Derby All-Stars vs Arch Rival Roller (St.Louis) Girls All-Stars at the Bayou Music Center.

She appeared to enjoy herself greatly and chatted with the skaters, but did not lace up herself, for some reason.

"She did mention that she used to play rugby," said Jessica Gama a/k/a Sexy Sniper, via e-mail. "She really liked the bandana that HRD gave her, and wore it around her leg (like a cowgirl). She mentioned that she would like to come again. She seemed to enjoy the skater names as they were announced."

Parker's staff, Gama said, were coming up with roller derby names for each other.

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