Annise Parker: Where are the haters?

Annise Parker: Only Six Percent Think She's Doing A Poor Job

A new poll from




is out, showing Houstonians are generally okay with how things are going economically.

How do they feel about new mayor Annise Parker? Let's just say her ratings haven't crashed as fast as Obama's. Only six percent of those polled thought she was doing a "poor" job.

She does work for the gummint, don't she? We thought they all sucked, according to the Voice of the People.

The breakdown on Parker was this: 42 percent thought she was doing a "good" job, 14 percent said "excellent" (unknown if this was said in a Montgomery Burns voice), 27 percent "fair" and 10 percent didn't know.

The 500 respondents also had some thoughts on the Astrodome.

They were given three options. Demolish it and replace it with a $100 million park? More than two-thirds opposed that idea, while only one-quarter approved.

Keep the outer shell and spend $300 million turning it into "a multi-use venue"? Half said no, 40 percent said yes.

Redesigning it (at $500 million) to include a planetarium, movie soundstage "and other attractions" was opposed by almost 58 percent and approved by about one-third.

So there are some clear answers there. Maybe we should just ask Annise Parker, everybody would be fine with whatever she decided.

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