Annise Parker, Ms. Cool

Annise Parker Takes "A Lot Of Credit For Raising Houston's Coolness Factor"

Houston, you are much cooler than you used to be, and Annise Parker is taking much of the credit for it.

And here we thought it was due to...to...to...well, to be honest, we didn't realize Houston was considered a cooler place than it used to be.

Parker, in a first-person column for Bloomberg Businessweek, said essentially that Houston's hipness was skyrocketing because of her.

When I was sworn in as mayor of Houston, the media attention worldwide was overwhelming. "Houston elected a lesbian? Houston?" I was even on the front page of the Times of India. It has given me a fantastic opportunity to change how people think about my city. I take a lot of credit for raising Houston's coolness factor.

Well, you have our eternal gratitude, Mayor. We can finally hold our heads high when he hang with the cool crowd.

The column was mostly on juggling the exposure that comes with her being out as a lesbian, and the mayor, with the private life she prefers.

I'm a middle-aged soccer mom and I appear in public with my spouse of 20 years and my kids. It's hard to make me scary. When the job is over for the evening, I go home and pull up the drawbridge. It's a relief when the scrutiny isn't there. But being honest about my personal life pays off every day.


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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.