Annise Parker, The $5 Mayoral Candidate

Taking a page from the Barack Obama playbook, Houston City Controller and mayoral candidate Annise Parker announced today that she's launching an "I Can Make a Difference" campaign on the Internet in which she's asking supporters to send her $5.

Parker proposes to use the Internet to raise campaign funds just as Obama did so effectively in his presidential run. She made the announcement today on Facebook, Twitter, and AnniseParker.com.

The appeal is to those of us who don't have the inclination or finances to be a $1,000-a-plate contributor. Campaign finance manager Adam Harris wrote that "traditionally it has not been cost-effective for big campaigns to reach out to donors in the $5, $10 or even $25 range."

An excerpt from her blog:

It may take millions of dollars to win the campaign for Mayor of Houston - but Annise Parker believes it's the smallest contribution that can make the biggest difference.

Five dollars is one less time Annise has to ask someone to donate and one more time she can ask someone to join. Five dollars is what it takes to photocopy the briefing book that will help me win the big debate, or buy the thermos of coffee for our sign crew at 4AM on Election Day.

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