Annise Parker Tries to Get You to Adopt World's Saddest Cat

Meet Callie!!!

This wee ball o' fire is just about to bound out of Mayor Annise Parker's arms and straight into your heart with all the exuberance of a fun-lovin' furball!!

Or, on the other hand, maybe she's the single most depressed cat ever seen.

Her eyes: Either a sullen realization that the afternoon is once again going to bring nothing but a bunch more Judge Judy reruns, or maybe the expression is a warning not to be fooled by the seemingly smiling face of Parker, and that jumping into her arms results in nothing but ennui, boredom and self-loathing.

The mayor has tried the smiling-pet approach when it comes to raising $100,000 to win the ASPCA Rachael Ray Challenge that will get the city a new mobile adoption van.

More than 600 pets have been adopted since August, and the city hopes to reach 2,100 by the end of October.

Obviously that means a change in strategy.

Forget the smiley faces.

From now on they're guilting you into taking one of these things off their hands.

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