Annise Parker's Star Wars Choice: She's With The Bad Guys

We'll admit freely that we're not the biggest Star Wars fans in the world. Given the fanaticism of some Jedi followers, it's an easy claim to make.

But we thought -- and correct us if we're wrong -- that the guys in the cheap white plastic uniforms, not to mention Darth Vader, were the bad guys.

We seem to remember them shooting thousands of cool laser rounds at Han Solo, Luke and Leia. Now, sure, they never actually hit them, so you could argue they were undercover good guys.

But we think they were just bad guys with bad aim. So why is Mayor Annise Parker posing proudly with this notorious gang of henchmen? Why is she posting these incriminating photos on her Facebook page?

If the Crips came to City Hall, would she be up there throwing down signs with a big smile on her face? If the violent minions of some other oppressive, rebellion-crushing empire dropped by, would she honor them? (Yes, if it was ExxonMobil.)

It's all so confusing.

The Parker administration will try to tell you that the little ceremony was to declare yesterday Cone Wars Day, or Clove Wars Day, or something like that. We're not sure exactly what they're fighting about.

It might have something to do with Space Center Houston's exhibit of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but that's such an awkwardly worded title it has to be fake. We're sure it's really something like Star Wars: The Clone Wars -- War Wars. (War War Binks -- wasn't he one of the favorite Star Wars characters of all time?)

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.