Another Bush Slips in the Polls

Last night's installment

of the "Movies Houstonians Love" series at the MFAH was a big success. Apparently it was the first time the event has sold out, meaning Bun B beat out both Larry Dierker and

Barbara Bush

in terms of attendance. We're not sure exactly what that means, but we know we like the sound of it. (No offense, Dierk.)

After pulling a rapper and making the crowd wait around 30 minutes for some of his buds (and the one and only Kay Slay from Style Wars) to show up, Bun kicked off the flick with some words about the origins of hip-hop. (Summary: It used to not just be all about the ducats.) And then the flick came on, and the crowd cheered and laughed and booed together.

We now turn the mike over to HoustonSoReal's Matt Sonzala: "And what a crowd it was. I saw everyone from college professors, to graf artists, to young thugstas, to radio personalities, to curious fans of all ages and races and man, it was amazing to see such a diverse group of thinkers come together. For real."

For real. — Keith Plocek

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