Another Day, Another Awkward Annise Parker Statement On HPD

Fresh off a low-key description of what's described as a "horrific" beating of a teen-age burglary suspect by Houston Police, Mayor Annise Parker has once again been forced to acknowledge some alleged HPD misbehavior.

In the wake of reports that HPD officers injured a Chinese diplomat while he was inside the country's consulate in Montrose, Parker issued the following statement:

Three Houston Police Officers have been placed on desk duty pending the outcome of an investigation into the arrest and injury of Chinese diplomat Ben Ren Yu last Saturday. The incident occurred in the parking garage of the Chinese Consulate in Montrose. HPD and the U.S. State Department are coordinating the investigation into the circumstances surrounding the arrest. The officers involved have stated that they were unaware the building Yu entered was the Chinese Consulate.
Yeah, it's not like countries care very much about their embassies or consulates.

Except they do. Hey, you can't spell "awkward international incident" without HPD.

Reports are that Chinese diplomat Ben Ren Yu, a deputy consular general, was driving in Montrose when HPD officers tried to pull him over for not having a license plate. Because not having a license plate, boy, that's one problem Houston needs to solve right now.

Yu complicated matters by not slowing down and instead heading to the consulate, apparently not having to dodge any Falun Gong protesters on Montrose.

Yu entered the parking garage and then, CBS reported, "Multiple Houston PD officers chased Yu into the building and placed him in handcuffs...The Chinese diplomat sustained injuries to his head and neck during the arrest and was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital by ambulance. The other passenger, Ms. Ging Hua Deng, was not injured."

Parker, of course, said the incident will be thoroughly investigated, please don't hate us, etc. etc.

Police Chief [Charles]McClelland acted quickly and is taking all the appropriate steps in this situation. In addition to working with the state department, he is issuing a directive that all beat officers receive the addresses of every consulate in the city. This is important as Houston has the third largest number of consulates in the country. We cherish our international residents and want to assure them they are welcome in our city

How's that new job working out, Chief McClelland?

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Richard Connelly
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