Another Day, Another List Says We're Awesome: MSN Names Houston Best City for College Grads

Houston is receiving so many accolades these days, every time I walk out my front door, I trip over another publication that says we are badass. In this case it's the Internet, so I can't really trip over it unless I left a laptop or an iPad outside, but why would I do that? You know what, ignore that metaphor. Focus on the news that WE'RE NUMBER ONE yet again.

This time, it's MSN Now that has jumped on the H-Town bandwagon (our wagons is covered down here, pard'na), ranking us number one in the list of the best cities for recent college graduates. Citing our great job opportunities, relatively cheap rent and the fact that the people here are the coolest on the planet (okay, that one might not be true), we managed to edge out Denver, Boston, Portland, Seattle and even Austin, which came in at #3.

This comes on the heels of another extremely scientific study finding we are the third happiest city in America for college graduates. So they might not be QUITE as happy here, but they should move here anyway. Frankly, I'm not sure how many mopey hipster college grads we want in Houston. What is this, Seattle circa 1992?

Add that to the growing number of listicles proclaiming us as the best, Jerry, THE BEST! We're like Mendy's, only better (Seinfeld reference FTW!), which is to say, wow, we are great.

When you college grads get here, don't be surprised to see roving bands of cheery Texans chanting "We're number one!" Those aren't sports fans. They are people who read MSN Now and agree so hard, they just have to start cheering. Get used to it. You're now living in the number one city in America, the earth...the UNIVERSE! Congratulations on your decision to be awesome.

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