Cloudy with a chance of more clouds.
Cloudy with a chance of more clouds.
Photo by Rick Kimpel via Flickr

Another Week, Another Round of Gloomy Houston Weather

If you were hoping for a sunny and maybe even warmer forecast for the week ahead, you'll probably want to look elsewhere. It has felt more like Seattle around here lately than Houston and, sadly, you may need an extra jolt of caffeine to reign in the seasonal affective disorder.

The only bit of good news we suppose is temperatures will be milder than recent days when highs were in the 50s. It won't exactly be muggy, but it will be warmer as the onshore Gulf of Mexico flow takes control of the weather patterns.

Expect cloudy to overcast conditions through Wednesday, with occasional chances of a shower and drizzle. Yuck. Rain chances increase a bit in the middle of the week, but not much accumulation. Daytime highs should hover in the low 70s with overnight lows around 60.

And if you were hoping for a reprieve for the weekend, we can't help you. More cloudy and mild conditions are expected at the start of the weekend, but no rain is being predicted quite yet. As we get closer to Friday, the forecast will definitely become clearer, but it is unlikely we'll see many changes from the same-old-same-old.

We recommend a vacation if possible. But, failing that, get some exercise and try to stave off the depression looming from all this gloom.

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