Another KBR Employee Sues, Saying She Was Raped In Iraq

Another woman who has testified before the U.S. Congress that she was raped in Iraq while working for KBR and that the company did nothing about it has decided to sue.

Dawn Leamon of Illinois filed a lawsuit in Houston federal court on Wednesday against KBR, Halliburton, and a former KBR employee who she believes raped her while stationed as a paramedic at Camp Harper near Basra.

On the evening of February 3, 2008, Leamon claims, her co-workers gave her a spiked drink that made her begin to feel strange. Her last memory of the night was of two men switching places as they sodomized and forced her to give them oral sex, the lawsuit states.

The next morning, "There were blood and feces on Ms. Leamon, and feces in her mouth as well," according to the lawsuit.

Leamon alleges that a U.S. military investigator later told her that KBR's camp manager walked in on the rape numerous times while it was taking place. Leamon says that she was told not to talk about the alleged rape and did not because she feared for her safety. It was only after she was transferred to another camp that she told KBR what had happened.

Leamon claims that instead of helping her and providing medical and psychological care, KBR "simply left [her] alone, unable to speak with anyone about the assault."

Leamon told her story to Congress in April 2008.

According to the federal court website PACER, the case is set for an initial pretrial conference on May 5.

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