Another Sign Ted Cruz Is Running in 2016

We've all known for a while now that a presidential run was almost inevitably in Sen. Ted Cruz's near future. After all, it was hard to miss the signs -- the trips to Iowa, the habit of giving a speech or making a filibuster whenever anything that even smelled like an opportunity presented itself, fighting the Democrats, fighting his own GOP leadership -- even for those who tried to squeeze their eyes shut and hum and ignore them.

While Cruz hasn't actually made an announcement or even released a campaign book, he's been making eyes at the 2016 GOP presidential nomination since the freshman senator hit the floor of Congress in 2012. But now his office has given us the first clear indication that Cruz will actually run.

And what is the big indicator that Cruz intends to try and secure the GOP nod for 2016? The harbinger of Cruz campaigning to come has shown up in the form of a staff change.

No, really.

Catherine Frazier, the public face of Cruz's Washington D.C. office since Cruz landed as a freshman senator in Congress in 2013, is leaving the D.C. office by the end of this month, according to the Texas Tribune. But Frazier leaving isn't as interesting -- or frightening if you've been praying a Cruz presidential campaign would never happen -- as where she's going. The longtime Cruz spokeswoman (or at least "longtime" in the political world) isn't abandoning Cruz, she just leaving his senatorial office to come to Houston and join Cruz's Jobs, Growth and Freedom Political Action Committee. (His nascent campaign offices, basically.)

And Frazier isn't just anybody. She's been front and center for the entire Cruz experience thus far. She even quit her gig with former-Gov. Rick Perry to go work for Cruz. So if she's headed back to Houston, the political tea leaves indicate that Cruz, or at least his ambition to become president, won't be far behind. Hopefully, she'll leave him his Dr. Seuss books should the need to do a little political grand standing with a fake filibuster present itself once she's gone.

Either way, those who have been hoping Cruz would give in to his White House-fever and try and procure the GOP nomination, either because you like the guy or are looking forward to all the drinking games a Cruz presidential candidacy will provide, are in luck, because the Cruz show will be on the road soon.

However, those who were hoping they'd never see these days shouldn't lose heart. Cruz absolutely slays his audience when he's in front of the Tea Party faithful. But put him before a crowd that isn't comprised of die-hard fans, and Cruz looks a sad puppy fumbling on stage, as Bloomberg pointed out.

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