Another Texas Arrest In That A-Hole Prankster Ring

The Smoking Gun continues to stay on top of the effort to out and punish the juvenile a-holes (some of them sex offenders, some of them merely Mom's-basement types) who go around ruining property and people's days with "pranks."

The hilarity involves calling restaurants or hotels, convincing employees to turn on fire-control systems, break windows or even drink a pale liquid that turns out to be urine. They then brag about it online.

TSG did a masterful job of cracking the identities of the Pranknet ring, led by a Canadian who lived in his Mom's basement. Two Texas participants were identified.

One was arrested last month for his role in causing $1,300 worth of damage to a Baytown Arby's.

Now the other Texas member has been arrested.

James Tyler Markle of Diboll -- like the Baytown dude, a convicted sex offender -- was arrested and faces felony charges in two states, TSG reported.

Markle, 19, convinced a [Lufkin] McDonald's worker to set off the restaurant's fire suppression system, which released a liquid from overhead extinguishers. Markle then told the employee that the liquid contained a toxin and directed the worker to break the store's windows "for ventilation."

Fun stuff for a convicted child rapist. He did the same thing to a Wendy's in Gretna, Louisiana.

He's also being investigated for his role in convincing a hotel employee to test-drink a liquid which turned out to be urine that he had convinced a guest to take down to the front desk.

Yeah, the people taking these calls were gullible; the people making them are far worse.

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