If you are going to have Valentine's Day dinner on the patio this year, good news!
If you are going to have Valentine's Day dinner on the patio this year, good news!
Photo by Jacqueline Bonnette

Weekend Weather: The Heat is Back On for a Few Days

As forecast, it has been a beautiful, cool work week. With highs around 60 degrees and lows in the upper 30s under sunny skies, it certainly has felt like a normal Houston winter. But, similar to last week, that is about to change this weekend.

For Valentine's Day, it should be sunny with highs in the low 70s. If you are planning to dine with your Valentine al fresco, you should be in luck with temperatures in upper 60s Thursday evening. Skies will be clear and it will be quite pleasant outside.

Friday will begin to see a warming trend that will push high temperatures to near 80 degrees. We'll still have partly cloudy conditions, but it wouldn't be a shock if that sun makes you want to turn on the a/c in your car. Lows should be in the mid 60s, so another pleasant evening.

Saturday will be bit of a repeat from Friday, but with increasing cloudiness in the evening ahead of the next cool front. Since the front won't get here until around lunchtime on Sunday, lows should remain in the mid to upper 60s.

Finally, Sunday, we'll begin to cool off once again. A front will slowly move through midday with only slightly increased chances of rain. It will be cloudy, however, and probably a little muggy as temperatures won't really begin to fall until the evening and overnight hours.

Next week appears to be a bit like early this week, but with more clouds and perhaps some drizzle. As we get closer to Go Texan Day, somewhat typical rainy and cold weather could be on tap. More on that on Monday.

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