Another Week, Another Kind Of Traffic-Ticket Crackdown

This week brings a new crackdown for drivers -- a while back it was HPD and "not signalling when changing lanes"; this week it's a bunch of law enforcement agencies and the "move over" law.

The "move over" law requires drivers to slow down or change lanes if they come up on a cop car pulled over to the side of the road with its lights on. The law's been around since 2003, but it's probably the first you've heard of it.

Or it will be the first you've heard of it if you get a ticket for it during the crackdown.

Move Over America, which sounds like some revolutionary anarchist group but is actually just devoted to enforcing this law, says more than 150 police officers have been killed by getting hit with a car curing a traffic stop.

And it's certainly common sense to slow down, at least, when you see a cop car pulled over.

But some folks apparently take it as a signal to gun it -- "Hey, he's busy with some other sucker!" -- and that can cause problems.

This week it may cause problems for the guy gunning it, though -- he may be under surveillance.

It's a $200 fine, by the way.

-- Richard Connelly

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