Anti-Obama People: Your Ride Is Your Billboard

The Bayou blog posted this picture of a Texas SUV sporting a carefully thought out debating point.

We would sigh and say "Only in Texas," but it turns out a lot of people are using their vehicles to display whatever thoughts Fox News and Rush are delivering to them. A sample:

If you can't express yourself via a luxury SUV, a pick-up truck is the next best thing.

It takes a whole lot of bumper sticker to express such incisive hilarity.

Professionally done, you have to admit. But probably is not going to help you with the chicks, and that is what that van is built for. We're guessing there's a "If it's rockin', don't come knockin'" sticker on the back, along with "No Fat Chicks."

Of course, you can always trick up your own ride like these other people have. Click here to purchase this absolutely perfect bumper sticker.

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