Vasquez-Martinez was arrested without incident.
Vasquez-Martinez was arrested without incident.
Phot by HPD

Antonio Salazar's Sad Death: Beaten with Baseball Bat By Homeless Man; Body Is Then Run Over By Car

About 10 p.m. February 13, Houston police received a call from a driver who told them he'd just accidentally run over someone and likely killed him.

A sad enough ending, but further investigation showed even odder events led to the death of Antonio Salazar, 51, and the arrest this week of Armando Vasquez-Martinez, 56. Vasquez-Martinez has been charged with manslaughter.

Police say he had been living in an abandoned house near the 1600 block of Elysian north of downtown when he got into a confrontation with Salazar.

Vasquez-Martinez, HPD says, "may have initially been defending himself. However, [he] beat the victim with a baseball bat and then pursued him into the street, where he continued to strike him with the bat."

He then took off, leaving the body lying in the street -- which was where it was when it was hit by the driver.

Witnesses saw the incident, and Vasquez-Martinez was arrested without incident the next day.

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