Any Which Way But Juice

Houston really won't stay out of the national news. Sure, we've got W to thank for a lot of that, but there's also Halliburton, Enron, Anna Nicole, Lisa Nowak and Donnie Davies — in no order of importance. Now added to the list are Evander Holyfield and a Sugar Land company by the name of Cellular Nucleonic Advantage, both named in a recent

Associated Press article

as being part of the ongoing steroid scandal.

Holyfield's name was allegedly on a customer list of a juice distributor currently under investigation, and three alleged employees from Cellular Nucleonic Advantage were recently arrested as part of the same investigation.

We don't know much about Cellular Nucleo-whatever, but we find it hard to believe Evander was on 'roids. If we learned anything from Rocky IV, it's that no champ would ever use the juice. Sawing wood in the freezing Russian snow as part of a training montage — now that's a different matter. — Keith Plocek

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