Apollo 13: The Theater Show

This is a trailer for Apollo 13: Mission Control, posted on NASA's Buzzroom blog today. The show is not a NASA production, it's an interactive theater piece that, as far as we can tell, is done in New Zealand and Australia.

The show's website says:

To transport you to Houston, Texas, the theatre is transformed into an authentic replica of Mission Control complete with retro computer consoles, flashing lights and working telephones. Join in the fun and before you know it you'll be shouting, "We are GO for Launch!"

Apparently this is not one of those interactive theater pieces where you throw popcorn, hiss at villains and shout advice, because when the capcom tells the astronauts to "stir the tanks," no one yells, "DON'T STIR THE TANKS, MATE!!!!"

The play's won several drama awards in the land down under.

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