A new leash on life...
A new leash on life...
Screenshot, ADORE Houston Facebook page

Apollo the Dog Gets a New Face

Boy, it's nice to write about a happy ending.

In January, rescue group ADORE Houston put out the word about a dog who had half his face chopped off. The injury seemed man-made, but it's still unclear what happened.

The dog, who they called Apollo, was rushed to veterinarian Ryan Farmer at Harrisburg Veterinary Clinic, and then he went on to Westbury Animal Hospital for some much-needed relaxation before going to Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists for surgery.

Apollo is now in the care of Richmond-based rescue group St. Francis' Angels, which reported on Facebook that "Apollo is adjusting to life in safety and comfort....He is living the life that every dog should live. One of comfort, security, and attention. He spends much of his outdoor-time greeting other dogs, regardless of size, sex, disposition, for he knows no biases. Apollo has managed to win over some of our grumpies as well. He does not relent until they wag their tails or engage him in play-bows."

Mad props to everyone involved. We're so glad the surgery was a success and Apollo has a second chance at a good life.

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