Apple Maps is Not Ready to Let Go of Astroworld

Our friend Alex Luster, who was the subject of a cover story in 2011, posted something intriguing to his Facebook page on Monday. According to him, Apple Maps, the app that took the place of Google Maps in the iPhone's OS 6 upgrade and has been much maligned, apparently still believes Six Flags Astroworld exists.

As we all know, Astroworld has been an empty lot for quite a few years now, but Apple Maps claim otherwise and a check of the app (as you can see from the photo) confirms it. Right there in an empty lot -- that is painfully easy to see in satellite views like in the photo -- is a listing for Six Flags Astroworld, that fanciful place of our youth that was torn down to the ground. Gone is the Runaway Rickshaw, the bamboo boat water ride and, of course, the Texas Cyclone. But not for Apple Maps.

It's a sad reminder that both the theme park so many of us grew up with is gone and that Apple Maps still has a long way to go to come close to competing with it's Google cousin. Unfortunately for us, that tech knowledge came with a sting of sentimentality.

Maybe next, Apple Maps, you can say that the original Cardi's is still there instead of a horrid karaoke bar or that Peppermint Park still has bumper cars instead of an empty parking lot or Brother's Pizza is still in Greenspoint Mall. Way to ruin our day, Apple Maps.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.