If you plan to cheer on your friends at the marathon this year, you'll want a heavy winter coat.
If you plan to cheer on your friends at the marathon this year, you'll want a heavy winter coat.
Photo by Jack Gorman

Weather Week: Wild Swings Ahead of Potential Arctic Blast

Last week saw plenty of ups and downs in the weather, but it ended with a stunningly beautiful couple of days. This week brings more inconsistency, but it will also finish with a bang. In this case, the bang comes in the form of a strong cold front that should arrive just in time to drop temperatures for the Houston Marathon to near freezing. More on that in a moment.

The beginning of the week should be much like the weekend. Monday will be sunny and beautiful with lows near 40 and highs in the mid 50s. Clouds will build back in by Tuesday as the wind shifts out of the south. Both Tuesday and Wednesday should be rather cloudy affairs with highs in the upper 50s to near 60 and lows increasing gradually up to around 60 degrees Wednesday morning.

Wednesday evening is when chances for showers begin to ramp up. Expect a 50 percent chance of rain the second half of the day and into Thursday morning. It doesn't appear there will be any severe weather at this point, just a messy second half of the week. Oh, and it will be warm. Highs both Thursday and Friday will be a seriously muggy mid to upper 70s with rain continued to be forecast Friday as well.

We'll dig deeper into the weekend later this week, but just a preview considering what is coming. A fairly sizable cold front will push into the Houston area Saturday bringing with it a good chance of rain as the frontal boundary moves through. No significant accumulations are expected, but big changes are in store after the front passes.

Temperatures will begin to plummet throughout the afternoon and dip to right near if not below freezing overnight Saturday. That will make for a very chilly start to the marathon. More to come on that later in the week, but get ready for some big changes.

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