Not much marathoners can do to stay warm besides run, but if you are cheering them on, get ready for the cold.
Not much marathoners can do to stay warm besides run, but if you are cheering them on, get ready for the cold.
Photo by Jack Gorman

Weekend Weather: Break Out the Parka

Houston is not typically a very cold place. But in January and February, it can, on occasion, get downright chilly. This is one of those weekends.

This week has been mostly cool and gray with highs around 60 and mostly cloudy skies. There hasn't been much more than a drizzle of rain, pretty normal Houston "winter." That should continue on Thursday but with the main difference being the temperature. Instead of highs in the low 60s, expect temperatures to reach the mid-70s with continued cloudy conditions.

Friday will be much the same but with an increased chance of showers and/or thunderstorms, particularly late in the day and into the evening. Overnight, we could see as much as a half inch of rain across the region ahead of an Arctic cold front that will move through early in the day Saturday.

By the time most people are up Saturday morning, the front should have passed and the change will be immediate. Temperatures will reach the mid 60s in the morning but steadily fall throughout the day, and we could have some fairly windy conditions as well. By Saturday night, we will be looking at a hard freeze across much of Southeast Texas including the Houston metro area.

Temperatures in Houston are expected to bottom out around 30 degrees with wind chills dipping into the low 20s. If you have plants that are sensitive to the cold, you'll want to protect them and this should be obvious, but do NOT leave pets outside in this weather.

The marathon Sunday morning will be a very cold affair. If you are there to cheer on friends and relatives, dress accordingly. For the runners, God speed.

The rest of the day Sunday will be beautiful with clear skies and highs in the low 50s. There will likely be another freeze for areas just north and west of Houston Sunday night, but temperatures will rebound fairly quickly early next week. 

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