Are We Going To Flood Again? Probably Not (This Time)

With the swine flu already on our minds, the last thing we want to worry about is more flooding this weekend from possible thunderstorm showers. We'd much rather spend the weekend out celebrating the Rockets' first playoff-round win in over a decade relaxing on the patio of some Mexican restaurant, a cigarette and a margarita firmly in hand, than in a canoe wearing a surgical mask.

And rain is supposed to be coming, with possible strong storms Sunday night/Monday morning.

Fortunately, a spokesperson from the Harris County Flood Control District was able to dispel some of our fears. Heather Saucier tells Hair Balls that according to their meteorologists any rain over the weekend should be manageable because we are dealing with a moving system, not the static torrential downpour that inundated areas of Houston earlier this week.

The upper regions of Cyprus Creek still have water above its banks, she said, but they expect it to lower tomorrow. "Obviously we need to keep a close watch on the western and northwestern parts of the county," she said.

The Addicks Reservoir is beginning to level off and has plenty of room to hold another rainfall, Isidro Reyna, a spokesperson for the Galveston District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers tells Hair Balls. The Bear Creek area may continue to flood, he said, but the reservoir is continuing to do what it was designed for.

On the downside, Highway 6 near Clay Road may continue to be closed for up to two weeks.

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