Are You Reading This Post Just Because "David Beckham" Is in the Title? Shame on You.

If you were watching the Major League Soccer All-Star game last night, you might have noticed something. These guys can’t get enough of David Beckham.

Seriously, we get it. He’s coming to play for the MLS, he’s one of the best players ever, him being here will do a lot for American soccer, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, got it, thanks. During the game it was almost as if the announcers had some Beckham quota they had to meet. His name was said at least every five minutes, either that or they cut to a shot of him watching the game. That’s right, Beckham’s name was probably said more times than any other player’s name and he wasn’t even playing.

Here’s the deal: It’s no doubt Beckham will likely do something for American soccer, but what about all the players who are already doing something? Houston’s own Dwayne De Rosario (who assisted one of the two goals scored against the Celtic FC – one of the best teams in the world) and Ricardo Clark played their best games of the season last night. And what about Juan Pablo Angel, the Colombian newbie who score his first American goal ever last night to capture the victory? After the game the announcer asked him like one question about that goal and then said “So, are you excited about David Beckham?” Are you serious? What a slap in the face? It’s like “Thanks for coming over to play for America, too bad you showed up now when all we care about is someone who probably only has a couple more years left in him.

If American soccer is ever going to succeed, we’re going to need more than some English import. I’m not saying Beckham isn’t all he’s cracked up to be. He’s no doubt one of the best soccer players ever. Period. But one person alone isn’t going to carry any sport into mainstream recognition. Well, except maybe this guy. – Dusti Rhodes

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