Are You Ready? 85 MPH & No Ticket Between Austin and San Antonio

Sammy Hagar, get outta here with that weak-ass "I can't drive 55" crap. You've still got 30 mph to go before the cops will lift that radar gun to track you on one specific stretch of Texas highway.

The Texas Transportation Commission, feeling the need for speed (to continue along in the `80s cultural references), has approved what the Associated Press is calling "the highest speed limit in the country," a 41-mile stretch of toll road between Austin and San Antonio that will have a posted speed of 85 mph.

Yeah, of course it's a toll road (Texas 130, a.k.a. the Pickle Parkway) -- state officials know how to get that money off you. Just suck it up and floor it.

There are several spots out in the vastness of rural Texas with an 80 mph speed limit, and 75 mph stretches aren't uncommon, but 85 is breaking new ground.

Whether it's safe new ground has yet to be determined, but as with all things important in life, we will look to Sammy Hagar for guidance.

The new speed limit is expected to be in place by the end of the year; by then the price of the toll will be set, too. Don't show up with your Nissan Cube.

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