Area Man Asks: What's It Gonna Take For McDonald's To Fix All Those Ike-Damaged Signs

Chris MacGregor has a bone to pick with McDonald's and the Facebook group to prove it. "Six months ago Houston was hit hard by Hurricane Ike," he writes on the page he calls McDonald's Broken Arches Are a Blight on Houston.

"Six months later you can drive through most of our communities and only see small signs of the damage left by Ike," he continues, "unless your community happens to have a McDonald's restaurant. For some reason McDonald's hasn't repaired their signs and all across our city, from Galveston to the Woodlands, there are broken golden arches."

The site includes 47 photos of damaged arches - and MacGregor says the blight extends beyond the restaurants: "broken windows lead to more broken windows, trash on the sidewalks leads to more trash on the sidewalks and eventually this affects the entire community by lowering the value of our homes and increasing the likelihood of crime."

Hair Balls called Mickie D's to ask why the signs haven't been fixed. We were transferred a few times, then promised a call back. But that never happened.

Looks like they're not too concerned about the issue.

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