Arian Foster Screams Down FOX 26 Reporter Looking For A Scoop (w/ VIDEO)

Since breaking yesterday, Arian Foster-Brittany Norwood affair/pregnancy/abortion pressure/restraining order/reality TV show drama has grown legs quickly.

When we all woke up Monday morning, we all thought that Arian Foster was a happily married, faithful father of two, recovering from back surgery and hoping (like many Texans) to get back to work and regain his form of years gone by.

By Tuesday night, we knew that Arian Foster had an extramarital relationship that has seemingly resulted in a pregnancy he spawned (Foster has not denied being the father of the child) and a restraining order that he (and his brother) caused, as they allegedly harassed Norwood with texts imploring her to abort the pregnancy.

In between, Norwood went on Channel 11 and came across as a sympathetic figure, attending ultrasounds by herself and getting no financial support from Foster. If you're Arian Foster, that was bad enough.

Then Foster spoke (through media accounts of court documents), and it got worse.

According to TMZ and legal documents filed by Foster, he believes the woman carrying his child is trying to use the fetus to launch a reality television show and calls her a "shameless fame whore." On Twitter, Norwood actually went as far as to call herself a "blondashian." Foster is begging the judge to shut down Norwood before the whole thing becomes a media carnival.

Well, the tents are up, the rides are open, and the media carnival is fully underway. Today the carnival took us to Foster's driveway, as Fox 26's Isiah Carey went to go knock on the door of Foster's home to try and get a quote. Apparently, at first, Foster wasn't home, as the door was answered by a "housekeeper," but as the FOX 26 crew was packing their things to leave, Foster rolled up in his white pickup truck.

Foster wasn't really happy with the visit...

A few observations regarding this video:

1. Arian Foster may be juggling multiple vehicle relationships as well, as that pickup truck appears to be a Ford. I don't know what Coach T and the folks behind the Toyota Tundra are going to think about this...

2. Arian needs to take his Christmas decorations down. That chore was a lot easier back when he was on Twitter, when he could have asked the first five followers to tweet the hashtag "#Namaste" to come over and take down his decorations for him. (Full disclosure: Arian never did that on Twitter, but rest assured, if he had, people would have fallen over themselves to help him. That's how you know you've crossed over into legit celeb status -- when the "winners" of a contest "win" the right to do manual labor for you.)

3. "Can I leave my business card?" I'm not an investigative reporter, so maybe that's standard procedure. I was in sales, and usually in sales you leave your business card with someone who is giving you the quintessential "buying signals." I'm having a hard time picturing Arian asking his wife "Honey, have you seen the business card for that nice gentlemen that stalked our driveway the other day to ask me about knocking up that U of H coed?"

4. I love the part after the video is over where Carey and the anchorwoman are breaking down Foster's stream of conscious driveway rant quotes as if they were said in a court of law or on 60 Minutes. Hearing Isiah Carey quote Foster's "You can bleed her all you want, dog..." will be one of the more underrated funny moments you'll have all week, trust me.

5. This I can construe from the video, Arian Foster is in full on "honey badger" mode when it comes to the media and what he says and does with the cameras rolling, He don't give a shit.

On the heels of firing back at Norwood's reality TV aspirations and now this driveway blowup, we are still waiting on Foster's first right move in this whole ordeal.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.