Armando Liceaga's Triple Play: 1) Steals Copper. 2) FROM A CHURCH. 3) Leaves Kid in Hot Car While Doing It

People steal copper all the time, from businesses to construction sites.

It's not an especially noble criminal enterprise, but few of them are. Armando Liceaga found a way to pump the heinousness, though.

According to court documents, Liceaga, 31, decided to hit a Pasadena church for its copper. Because, you know, they could probably afford it, all those rich, fat-cat Pasadena churches.

Actually, it was worse than that -- this church had suffered a major fire recently, so not only did Liceaga hit them, he hit them when they were down.

Unfortunately, he had babycare duties at the time, and it was hot outside. What to do? Leave the kid in the hot car, that's what. A hot car, by the way, which had in it "sharp objects" just to liven things up.

Police got a call about a suspicious vehicle and arrived on the scene.

Liceaga, who has a court history that includes burglary, assault and DWI, has been charged with copper theft and endangering a young child.

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